Surveys from Independent Chartered Surveyors in West London

RICS Homebuyers

Based on a format prepared and approved by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors the Home Buyer Report (HBR) provides a prospective purchaser with sufficient information to make a considered decision on their purchase.

Matters covered within the report include amongst other things:-

  • Locational factors and the general condition of the property (including comments and advice on the service installations).
  • Significant matters recorded during the HBR inspection which may materially affect the value of the property and the decision to purchase
  • An opinion of the market value of the flat/house
  • Guidance on the value for insurance purposes

The report format is ideal for many houses and flats, although where they may not be suitable for larger buildings or listed property etc. we will draw this to your attention.

For further information on the form of report and an indication of cost please contact us

Building Survey

A Building Survey involves an in depth inspection of the property and a more detailed reporting format. The exact extent and style of the inspection and report is subject to agreement with the individual Surveyor and may for instance include additional specialist reports. Normally contained within the report will be guidance on maintenance and remedial works and or comment on individual defects.

A Building Survey is generally suitable for all building types subject to specific agreement with the Surveyor. The report format does not include a Valuation or Insurance reinstatement figure and fees are higher than for the equivalent RICS Home Buyers Report.

Fees are normally measured against the size, age, value and location of the building.

We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and provide an indication of the likely fee levels, upon receipt of sufficient information.

Defect Survey

At clients request we regularly prepare reports with comments on specific building defects including evidence of structural movement; problems with dampness/woodrot and in connection with builder disputes.

These reports provide a detailed analysis of defects with comments/recommendations for repair etc either pre purchase or as a pre cursor to arrangements for repair.

Where required, Defect Reports can be prepared for Court purposes e.g. in the event of an unsatisfactory building contract etc.

We will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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